Trade  / Kouga Corporation

Our company has been building a network over a long time, and now we practical use this network to doing the trade all over the world countries. Our company's strengths are Chemicals, Fiber, Machinery, and Resource (Metal, Iron, Silicon, Plastic).

Chemicals and fiber manufacturing business

We are building a unique manufacturing system jointly with related companies. Under such manufacturing system, we are in the production of chemical products and fibers.

It is also our strength to challenge not only in the trade business but also in various fields.

Manufacture and sale of health foods

Manufacture and sale of health foods  / Kouga Corporation

Our company is doing the manufacture and sale of health foods and now we have expanded the type of commodity.Since our company is doing the manufacture of health foods products in collaboration with the University of Japan so we will deliver a high-performance product to customers.

Conservation of resource

Conservation of resource  / Kouga Corporation

As part of resource conservation projects, our company has carried out the recycling business. We supply the used paper, iron, plastic to the each processing company, and that companies will create again new resources. Resources are indispensable for human, so our company is aiming to expand recycling business.


Consulting  / Kouga Corporation

Taking advantage of the business capability of overseas that has been cultivated in the trade business, we do advice to companies.

Through a network to link Japan and the world.

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